Check for Electrical Hazards
  • Repair or replace damaged cords and plugs
  • Remove cords under rugs or over nails, pipes or heaters
  • Use one plug per outlet; don't string surge protectors
  • Put covers on outlets or electrical boxes
  • Repair/replace appliances that spark, smoke or overheat

Check for Chemical Hazards
  • Store flammable chemicals in approved containers and in
    a well-ventilated place outside your home
  • Store oily rags in covered metal containers
  • Limit quantities of household chemicals and store out of
    reach of children
  • Separate reactive chemicals like bleach and ammonia

Check for Fire Hazards
  • Eliminate combustibles (yard waste, papers, rags, old
  • Separate heat sources (appliances, candles, portable
    heaters, etc.) and combustables
  • Keep chimneys, flue pipes, vents and vent connectors
    clean and in good repair
Safety Equipment
  • Install a smoke alarm in each bedroom, hallway, and level
    of your home studs in the wall
  • Test monthly and replace batteries at least yearly
  • Learn how to use your ABC fire extinguisher

Secure Large Items in Your Home
  • Anchor water heater, large appliances, tall or heavy
    furniture and pictures to studs in the wall
  • Install a flexible gas line on gas appliances
  • Store heavy objects on lower shelves; secure cabinet door
  • Avoid placing under windows or heavy objects
  • Brace overhead light fixtures or fans

  • Show responsible members of the family the location of
    utility shut-off valves and how to operate them
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