Hurricanes and High Winds
Part 1

Hurricanes and High Winds
Part 2

Hurricanes and High Winds
Part 3

Hurricanes and High Winds
Part 4

High Winds
In Utah we don't experience Hurricanes, but with travels and job
relocations we never know when we may find ourselves face to
face with a Hurricane. I want you to be prepared.
However we do experience High Winds, and when I was living in
Washington I was not prepared for my first windstorm. The wind
knocked over trees which hit a power line, which wasn't a big
deal because I had a flashlight and a propane BBQ grill outside I
could cook on. However I tried to get some water about an hour
later and there was no water. I called my neighbor and found out
that we were on a well system and when the power goes out the
backup generators only work for 30 minutes before we loose
water. She said that when the power goes out she immediately
turns on her bathtubs to fill the tubs with water to use for washing
and flushing toilets. I had to drive 45 minutes away  in windstorm
to get to a store that had power so that I could get some water.
Lucky for me there was 2 gallons left, but that was it. They had
NO flashlights left, no batteries. I was hoping that power would
come back on soon because I didn't know how 5 people would
get by on 2 gallons of water. Lucky for me the power came back
on the next day, but I never made that mistake again.
Please remember in times like these you may not be able to get
what you need. I lived in a very small town about the size of East
Carbon and was the only town without power. It may happen that
you aren't as lucky as I was. High Winds can do all kinds of
damage and can leave you without power, water, and may break
windows and smash cars.
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