The new Ward Boundaries throughout the Stake...

Third Ward Boundaries did not change, but the other four wards did, so
there is lots of changes to those wards. Here is the new Bishoprics, and
a map of the new boundaries: (sorry for any Mis-spelling)

2nd Ward
Bishop: Brad Krompton
1st Counselor: Matthew Dalley
2nd Counselor: Christian Tabone
Executive Secretary: Tony Wood
Ward Clerk: Trevor Worley

6th Ward
Bishop: Boyd Greenhaulgh
1st Counselor: David Noyes
2nd Counselor: Tyler Atwood
Executive Secretary: Richard Warren Nelson
Ward Clerk: Jackie Archer

10th Ward
Bishop: Curtis Page
1st Counselor: Daniel Luke
2nd Counselor: Paul Bedont
Executive Secretary: Jared Hardy
Ward Clerk: Kent Boyack

11th ward
Bishop: Jim Hartley
1st Counselor: Scott Wheeler
2nd Counselor: Andy Jones
Executive Secretary: Clayton Taylor
Ward Clerk: Jacee Ashby

You can view the map below or
download the PDF to print your own copy
Price Third Ward
Price, Utah 84501

L. Scott Johnson

1st Counselor
Rodney Scott

2nd Counselor
Cory Bigelow

Executive Secretary
Van Hamaker