In Primary your child will learn the basics of the Gospel.

President: Sheremy McEvoy
First Councilor: Sue Heino
Second Councilor: McKaylee Bullough
Secretary: Kayla Clark

Nursery is an important part of the Primary.
Many people may not look at Nursery as a part of the
Primary, but it is. Here the kids start to learn the gospel
and learn early life skills like listening,
sharing, and kindness.

Other important areas and leaders in the Primary are as follows:

Chorister: Brenda Bigelow
Pianist: Jolene Greenwood

When primary kids turn 8 years old they start to
work on their Faith in God
through Activity Days for the girls
and Cub Scouts for the boys.

Activity Days
Kehli McFarlane
Michelle Slaughter

Cub Scouts
Cub Master: Sis. Timothy

The kids are also encouraged to practice, learn,
and memorize the Articles of Faith. When the kids
pass off their Articles of Faith they get to
pick out a treasure or goodie from the "Goodie Basket" you
can check out some fun images of the articles
of faith for your child to practice with.

~ * ~

A short history on Primary:

On 25 August 1878, the first Primary meeting was
held in Farmington, Utah. For some time previous,
Aurelia Rogers had observed with increasing
concern the little boys of the new generation of Latter–
day Saints who had not been part of the founding
and pioneering experience of the Church. She felt
many of these children were not being taught basic
principles and values. She felt they would not be
prepared in either knowledge or behavior to
carry the gospel forward, or even to be good parents or
citizens. Sister Rogers discussed her concerns
and a plan of action with general Relief Society
president Eliza R. Snow.
Farmington Bishop John Hess was
also enthusiastic about the plan, and so
the first Primary was organized.
Since these leaders decided that "singing was necessary," girls
were also invited to "make it sound as well as it should."
Children ages 4 to 14 were invited to
participate in the first Primary.